Windows XP speed boost

I know there are countless articles out there to speed up your Windows XP. But most of them revolve around using a third party utility and aren’t all that effective. This simple measure that im about to talk about works great with XP pro edition and does not require the use of any additional tools or utilities. Goto Start -> Run. In the box that pops up type in “services.msc” and press enter.

These are all the services, daemons that run in the background as your pc runs windows. Now the catch here is that a normal user does not require all these services to be running. Too many of these services running concurrently can significantly slow down your computer especially if you have less ram. So the obvious way to speed up your computer would be by disabling all those services that you do not require. Click the thumbnail below to view a screen shot of a window showing various services.

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In order to disable a service temporarily just click on the service and then press the stop icon. To disable a service permanently, right click the service ; select properties. Next, in the dialog that appears select disabled in the startup type popup box. This will permanently disable the service.

Warning : Disable only those services that you know your system does not need. Unecessarily disabling services may cause you system to malfunction. Although, do not let this deter you as there are many services which aren’t needed and slow down your system. The best way to go about it to disable one service at a time and see it’s effect on your system. Things like the wifi service etc. are useless if you do not have a wireless network setup. Use your judgement and disable the services you do not need.


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