17 simple symbian hacks to make your life easier

Tip 1 : Using the edit button (abc or pencil button)
Heres how… in the inbox for example; u wanna delete multiple sms, simply hold the edit button, scroll down, and then, press c to delete the marked sms. The edit button can also b used to copy and past text in sms, simply hold it and scroll across, choose copy.

Tip 2 : Formatting your phone after something f***s up
Press *#7370#, then enter the lock code, which is the sec code of the fone. NOTE: battery must be full, else if the format is disrupted by low batt, consequences could be deadly 😛
I’ve heard the code *#7780# works too, pretty much the same i think.

Tip 4: Save on battery and system memory being by using the task manager
The task manager can be accessed by holding down the menu button!! Press and hold the Menu key to open the application switching window, where you can switch between applications. If a program hangs and you can’t shut it down, select the application in the application switching window and press ‘C’ to kill it. It’s also a faster way to exit programs.

Tip 5: Your IMEI number
Type *#06# to display your IMEI serial number, very valuable for the unlocking your phone to other sim cards

Tip 6: Your firmware version
Type *#0000# to view which firmware version you are running

Tip 7: Protect yourself and your data
If you would like to avoid being “blue jacked”, keep bluetooth turned off, or set your phone’s visibility to hidden.

Tip 8: Operator logos
Use a filemanager like FExplorer or SeleQ to add the folders: “c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo”. Add a .bmp picture to folder “oplogo” and restart your phone! The .bmp picture size needs to be: 97 x 25 pixels.

Tip 9: BlueJacking
Bluetooth means that Bluetooth enabled devices can send things like phonebook/address book contacts, pictures & notes to other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly over a range of about 10 metres. So, we’ve got past the boring part. Now, using a phone with Bluetooth, you can create a phonebook contact and write a message, eg. ‘Hello, you’ve been bluejacked’, in the ‘Name’ field. Then you can search for other phones with Bluetooth and send that phonebook contact to them. On their phone, a message will popup saying “‘Hello, you’ve been bluejacked’ has just been received by Bluetooth” or something along those lines. For most ‘victims’ they will have no idea as to how the message appeared on their phone.

Tip 10: Turn the camera click sound off
Turn on/off the “click” sound made by the camera by selecting the ‘Silent’ profile or by turning warning tones on/off – Menu > Profiles > “select your activated profile” > Personalise > Warning tones > On/Off. (This also effects the sound of Java games and apps). Warning :There are a few countries where the camera clicking sound has been made compulsory by the government.

Tip 11: Display an image when someone’s calling
Menu > Contacts > “select a contact card” > Options > Edit > Options > Add thumbnail > “choose an image”.

Tip 12: Add a personal ringing tone to a contact
Menu > Contacts > “select a contact card” > Options > Open > Options > Ringing tone > “choose a ringing tone”.

Tip 13: Delete all messages from your Inbox at once
Menu > Messaging > Inbox > Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all > Options > Delete.

Tip 14: Record a phone conversation!!!
Menu > Extra’s > Recorder > Options > Record sound clip.
Note: short beeps are audible during call registration.
But there is a 60 second limitation so if you want unlimited sound recording get this application from the net: Extended Recorder.

Tip 15: Shortcut keys
>> While writing text, press “#” to switch between upper and lower case and Dictonary on/off (predictive text input).
>> Press and hold “#” to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode.
>>Keyboard shortcuts for zooming and rotating images in Images:
1 = zoom in, 0 = zoom out, press and hold to return to the normal view.
2 = rotate anticlockwise, 9 = rotate clockwise, * = full screen.
>>In standby mode, press and hold the right soft key to activate voice dialling.
>>You can customize both soft keys located below the screen (in standby mode):
Menu > Tools > Settings > Phone > Standby mode > Left/Right selection key > “select an application”.
>>In standby mode. press scroll key center (joystick) to go directly to Contacts.
>>In standby mode, press and hold 0 to launch your wap home page.
>>In Menu or any subfolder, press numbers 1 – 9 to start the application at that location.
>>In standby mode,
45# + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45.
50# + dials slot 50 and so on.

Tip 16: Start up in Safe Mode so no ‘auto start’ apps will be run
To make sure that no memory-resident programs start when you reboot your phone,
hold down the pencil key when you turn on the phone and hold it on untill you have to enter your PIN code.
(When you have trouble booting up the phone with the MMC in it because it got corrupted for some reason, this trick will almost always let you boot up the phone so you can remove the latest installed app which might have caused the problem or if your phone is “unrepairable” you can still back up your important data before you do a format.)

Tip 17: To reset your wallet, should you forget your code
Type in: *#7370925538#
This will reset the wallet code, the wallet contents will be deleted.


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