Type ★ cool ★ Unicode characters in Gnome

Yes, you too can type cool Unicode characters in your posts, e-mail, signature,
blog, blog comments, etc, using GNOME!

1. Start Accessories/Character Map(gucharmap)
2 Locate interesting characters (see character groups such as “dingbats”).
3. Select and copy
4. Paste in your application.

If there is a character you use often,
1. Note down the Unicode codepoint.
2. To type it, press

For example
Ctrl-Shift-2702 is for the scissors character (✂).

It’s recommended to browse available Unicode characters from “gucharmap”, or
you may also try http://www.unicode.org/charts/


About synapse
Synapse is an easy going person who loves technology. He is a Software Engineer working in the field of Medical Electronics. He likes music, movies, motorcycles and has a passion for photography.

One Response to Type ★ cool ★ Unicode characters in Gnome

  1. erenon says:

    As world changes, gnome changes as well.

    Since dunno, type
    Ctrl+Shift+u+2702 to get the nice ✂

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