Mozilla Firefox 1.5 final released

Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser has certainly come a long way from when it started. At first, it was an unknown browser that barely anyone used, but then soon after it became the second most used Web browser on the Internet. Mozilla has made its browsers very nicely in the past and the previous version of Firefox certainly continued that standard.

After diving deeper into Firefox, I found that you can re-order your open tabs just by dragging and dropping them to wherever you want on the tab bar. Some additions to the search bar were apparent too, such as the ability to search The navigation in Firefox 1.5 is much faster as well. Mozilla has implemented “intelligent caching” on the forward and back buttons, so the pages that visitors are most likely to visit are preloaded with no visible performance impact, which is awesome. Firefox 1.5 also offers a one-click Clear Personal Data option, which deletes your browser’s history, cache, and cookies with only one click of the mouse.

Updates are now automatic in Firefox 1.5. This includes extension, browser, security, and theme updates. Mozilla will have the ability to close software holes as soon as they are found by pushing security patches to the browser. According to the Mozilla Organization, most of these updates will be less than 500KB, so they’ll be very unobtrusive.

Firefox 1.5 includes an entirely new extension system, which means that many older extensions won’t work. Developers are updating their extensions as we speak, so in a few days you’ll be able to download the new and compatible version of your favorite extensions.

In conclusion, Mozilla has made Firefox ever better. If you liked Firefox before, you will love the 1.5 update and that’s why it earned our Editors’ Choice award. It’s a must have for any Firefox user, novice or enthusiast. You can download Mozilla Firefox 1.5 for free at


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