Move over Windows, make way for Debian!

I cannot stress enough how much of a pleasant experience it has been for me to switch from Windows over to Linux. Lately i’ve been dabbling in Debian and I must say, it is one of the most robust and stable operating systems that I have come across to date. Been running it for 5 days now non stop and there’s isn’t as much as a hint of any crash. I’ve tried other distros like Fedora, Suse, Mandrake and Linspire but none of them have the stability in KDE as provided by Debian. Debian is simply rock solid.

Another feature I really appreciated about Debian was the plethora of packages supplied with the distro. The distro comes on 14 cd’s (tht’s right! 14!!) so you do not have to go around searching for packages and dependencies. Another point which was a breath of fresh air was the built in support for MP3, XviD, DivX and possibly any media format you can think of. On newer versions of most of the other distros, MP3, DivX etc. support has been disabled because of patent concerns. One would typically have to download the relevant packages in order to enable support. But with Debian – everything just works.
Debian has everything that you could possibly need right from Instant Messaging to Development Tools – its all there. Debian is also available as a 2 dvd download. The DVD’s have the packages in order of their popularity with the first DVD having the most popular packages. There are about 15400+ packages available. I just downloaded the first DVD and already have my Linux box setup with everything I need. So get rid of doors and Windows and say hello to Debian. Log onto for more details.


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