Nice little quick copy paste trick

This trick isn’t all that complicated or that big a deal but the none the less it saves a lotta time in retyping a coupla lines. I came across this tip in the KDesktop “KTip”. This is a collection of tips that are presented when you login to your desktop. Note – You will need  a 3 button mouse for this trick to work 🙂

Here goes –

In any program or for that matter even the konsole select a block of text. This way the text gets automatically copied. Now, in order to paste this text all you do is move the mouse cursor to the place where you would like to paste the text and click the middle button. That all! Your text is neatly pasted. This trick even works between 2 different programs and hence is a great time saver. So remember , drag with the left mouse button to copy and click the middle mouse button to paste.


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