Nifty Wikipedia Bash Script


Lets face it. At some point or the other most of us have used Wikipedia. But its a lengthy process firing the browser, typing the adress of the site, choosing the english Wikipedia and finally entering your query. All this and the countless images that get loaded which further slow down the process.

Well if you are more comfy with the terminal like me, all you do is use this script. I wrote this really simple script to save some time getting information from Wikipedia. Here are the install instructions –

>> Download wikip_v1.tar.gz

>> Extract all files to a temporary location (tar xvfz wikip_v1.tar.gz)

>> Go through the readme.txt file

>> Copy wikip to /usr/bin

>> Type wikip text_to_search

That’s all. Now isnt that a lot faster than using the traditional method 😉


About synapse
Programming, motorcycles and photography. Want to do more, but only have time for so much!

3 Responses to Nifty Wikipedia Bash Script

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  2. sdsd says:

    err I am not sure which crappy browser you use. But in Opera its as simple as typing

    “w search term” in the addres bar .

  3. dkd903 says:

    Dude, I don`t agree, Being comfy aid d shell and being pragmatic are like two sides of a coin. You can`t read a god-dam article on the shell, without those formatting and all, btw in ff, thers a search extension for wiki.

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