Tame that Fox and Bird!


If you ask me I think Mozilla Firefox beats any browser hands down. Mozilla Thunderbird is the best email client out there. The icing on the cake is the fact that both these great products are free as well as open source. It just doesn’t get any better than this. The latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird are 1.5.01 as of this writing. I have received emails asking me how to install these products as they no longer use an installer. Instead we have an archived file that needs to be setup properly. So without wasting any more time, here’s how to install them –

Step 1. Download the files

The first step is to download the respective files.

For Mozilla Firefox (Browser) goto http://www.mozilla.com/firefox

For Mozilla Thunderbird (Browser) goto http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird

Note – The procedure for installation is exactly the same for both the products so I am only going to talk about installing Firefox. Follow the same procedure for installing Thunderbird as well.
Step 2. Extracting the files from the archive –

Extract the files into any directory of your choice (I’ll be using /usr/myapps in this example) by issuing the following commands,

cd /


mkdir /usr/myapps

tar xvfz firefox- -C /usr/myapps

Step 3. Creating a symbolic link to the new firefox binary

After the extraction is complete, you will have a ‘firefox’ directory created under /usr/myapps. This directory conatains some library files and the firefox binaries. We now have to create a symbolic link to the new firefox. This is done in the following way –


cd /usr/bin

mv firefox firefox.old

ln -s /usr/myapps/firefox/firefox

Step 4. Final Steps

Now you can launch Mozilla Firefox by typing ‘firefox’ at the terminal without the quotes or by clicking the Firefox icon. If you get an error after clicking the icon, right click it and select properties. Make sure that the command option has ‘firefox %u’ in it. Thats all!

Verify that the upgrade was successful by going to Help > About in Firefox and check whether the version is 1.5.01


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