Easy reminder from the command line


Why use complicated programs when you can easily set up a reminder for yourself from the command line. Here’s how –

( sleep 10 && echo -e “Wake up lazy bum!\a” ) &

Here 10 is the number of seconds before the alarm triggers off. -e is to echo a message. The \a is the escape sequence used yo make your  pc beep. You can modify the above command by adding some cutomization like running a program after a specified period etc. That’s all!


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Programming, motorcycles and photography. Want to do more, but only have time for so much!

9 Responses to Easy reminder from the command line

  1. Admin says:

    This is a great tip 🙂 I just didn’t know that you could have a reminder using only the console! thanks a lot for the info!

  2. synapse says:

    No problem glad I could help

  3. Alejandro says:

    can you do it for a specific time? say at 14:30?

  4. synapse says:

    Yes all you would have to do is use Cron and add the above command to be executed at the required time. But that beats the whole purpose of this post as the goal is to have a reminder setup without using any scheduling or reminder tools. You could alternatively calculate the time in seconds and call above expression. Example: If the current time is 12:00 and i want to call the reminder at 14:30. That means 2hrs 30min later then the above command becomes –

    ( sleep 9000 && echo -e “Wake up lazy bum!\a” ) &

    Above, 9000 seconds = 150 min = 2.5 hrs

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