Enable a procedural language in Postgres

If you wish to add any language support to your PostgresSQL database use the createlang command from your terminal. For eg: To add PLPGSQL support –


su postgres

createlang plpgsql -d template1

where -d signifies name of the database. The other command line arguments that the createlang command takes are –


Specifies the name of the backend programming language
to be defined. createlang will prompt for langname if it is
not specified on the command line.
-d, -dbname dbname
Specifies which database the language
should be added.
-l, -list
Shows a list of already installed languages in the target
database (which must be specified).

createlang also accepts the following command line arguments for connection

-h, -host host
Specifies the hostname of the machine on
which the postmaster is running.
-p, -port port
Specifies the Internet TCP/IP port or local
Unix domain socket file extension on which the postmaster is listening
for connections.
-U, -username username
Username to connect as.
-W, -password
Force password prompt.

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