Flash SMS and Guardian

I happened to come across this site on google when I was searching for some new Symbian applications. Both these applications are written by the same developer – Marco Bellino and I must say they are *amazing*

What is more amazing is the fact that the developer offers these apps completely free of charge. If you want you can make a donation and enable some more features or simply use their free versions available for download from the developers site.

FlashSMS is the first Symbian Series 60 software able to send flash-sms without needing of any additional service. Nothing to
configure, just write your sms and select the recipient.

Guardian is the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with
authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails,
Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone
number. In addition, the system features remote control functions,
i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio
data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone (see Plugins section).

Click here to go to the site and download these great tools.


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Programming, motorcycles and photography. Want to do more, but only have time for so much!

6 Responses to Flash SMS and Guardian

  1. linux says:

    I am using Motorola mpx220 smartphone, based on Windows Mobile 2003SE platform.
    How would you rate this platform against the latest 60 Series (v.9.x) … as of today somehow I find WM2003/2005 being little bit superior to Symbian, though it is catching rather fast, and plus Linux will also start making grounds.

  2. synapse says:

    Hi e@zyVG
    Been to your blog must say it was one of the things that motivated me to start mine. As for your question, yes the windows mobile platform is definitely superior when it comes to performance. But Symbian has the largest user base in smartphones and there are thousands of applications available for it. Major brands like Nokia support Symbian which only adds to its popularity.
    In India most of the people opt for a Nokia. Motorola doesnt enjoy a decent market share here. I’m only talking about brands here because Nokia is the largest adopter of Symbian. And we do have a new entrant in the market – tux. Well, time will tell how Linux performs against heavyweights like Windows and Symbian.

  3. E@zyVG says:

    I got myself after all the HP hw6510 and am very impressed and pleased. The other option was Nokia E61, but then went for WMobile platform, and plus this communicator has GPS which is another plus. The only thing that it lacks is WiFi, which is OK for me for now.

  4. Lane says:

    Can anyone recommend me?
    I need an free sms service for my homepage.
    I am seeking one with the option to change the design(for a bit).
    Thanks a million!

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