Recover a lost MMC password for your Symbian phone

symbianSo you locked your MMC with a password and now you'e forgotten the password. Well, here's what you can do –

1. Download FExplorer from

2. Goto c:\system with FExplorer. Find this file mmcstore

3. Choose Options>File>Text/Hex viewer

You will find your password in the end part of the sets of zeroes. If ur password for example is "synapse" then it will show in a format something like "000000synapse" 

An alternate method is to download a program called MMCPwd. Google for it. 


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74 Responses to Recover a lost MMC password for your Symbian phone

  1. Sunil says:

    Hi this is Sunil am using 7610 Nokia i lost my MMC password same time my cell got virus so that i re installed the OS now the cell is not accepting the card and the card reader also

    is any solution for my problem

    waiting for Your Replay

    Thanking u Sunil

  2. synapse says:

    I don’t know if your problem is whether you have lost your password or the virus has corrupted your MMC. If you have just forgotten the password just use the technique mentioned above.
    If neither the card reader nor the phone is accepting your MMC then maybe it has got corrupted beyond repair. An alternative you could try is use a program called MMC Medic. Google for it and download it

  3. Aikjones says:

    Hello i want to thank u guyz 4dis site,i av a 6630 and 6260 of which i set a password 4ma 6260’s 256mb mmc.But d 6260 had a virus so i hard formatted the fone,d mmc works on ma 6630 but requests a password for the 6260.Wat am i to do,pls if it wont be too stressful reply to or cos i wont be a ble to trace this site. thanks a lot.

  4. tiwi lee says:

    hi my name is tiwi lee
    i using the nokia 7610,
    i have format my phone, after that my mmc have been locked,
    can you help me to unlocked the memory card.

  5. Neel says:

    U can use u r “Walet” password for mmc card. It is used full nad i had tested it twice.

    I have a query.

    I am not able to open my mmc card SMS or not even able to write any SMS when i am useing mmc card as a memory.

    can any one gie me solution other than formating th cell.

    how can i insatll any software in my nokia 6600 mmc card with the help of Memory card reader……..

    Your help is badly needed.

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Ali says:

    well it didn’t work with me because i have already removed the file “mmcstore” by formatting the whole phone so can u help me please … !!!

  7. seema says:

    Hi this is seema am using 6600 Nokia i lost my MMC password n after that i have formated my cell ,

  8. Avneet says:

    i have lost my MMC password and when i used the fexplorer method the mmcstore file which is in C:/System is empty. Can u plese help me out?

  9. Daniyal says:

    Friend i hav nokia 6670 and i forget my MMC password….i also format my cell dur to which there is no file name “mmcstorer”….i hav a DKU-5 cable…will it help in any way….waiting 4 reply…

  10. max83 says:

    you all stupid or what, if i lost my MMc pasword jo, and i cant plugin with my pc on the cable ??!! aaa
    how to do that if i lost my MMC password how to joint my phone with PC, if no MMC you cant joint PC with phone aaahaha
    help plz what to do in my email

    plz help soon……

  11. mukaram says:

    i lost my mmc pasword and i cant remember phone is aceppting the mmc but when i inserting it in another phone it is asking for pasword.will u help me out,plz.
    thanking u

  12. sunil banka says:

    Hi this is Sunil am using 6600 Nokia i lost my MMC password same time my cell got virus so that i re installed the OS now the cell is not accepting the card and the card reader also

    is any solution for my problem

    waiting for Your Replay

    Thanking u Sunil

  13. venkatesh says:

    in my ngage phone my memory card show’s memory card locked what should i do now please help me

  14. foufou says:

    i have nokia 6230 when i change my mmc in another phone it asked me the password and i havn’t it

    plz help me if u have the password standart of nokia thnks

  15. fattili says:

    i don’t see mmcstore in c:\system in to my phone(6670)
    is there a diffrence way to know the password again?

  16. prasenjit says:

    Friend i hav nokia 6670 and i forget my MMC password….i also format my cell dur to which there is no file name “mmcstorer”….i hav a DKU-5 cable…will it help in any way….waiting 4 reply…

  17. 4J03L says:

    dear i need some help here.. (very Urgent).. i have trouble with my mmc. i couldnt open my mmc from phone.. i was try used card reader but it is same the card reader cannot reading the file .. just blank.. i want ask is my mmc locked or broke.. please give me a help..if u have any application for it please send to

  18. haroon says:

    plz helpi forget my mmc password i try every thing but all r not working plz help me out

  19. bitz says:

    hello dear
    well i have forgoten ma mmc pasword and have also formated ma fone so can find da mmcstore..
    gimme any other way to access ma mmc..please help me out as i cant formate too bcz i have most important data in it…im ready to pay anyone who unlock ma mmc without formating it..
    waiting for response:)

  20. prashant says:


  21. surjit says:

    i have nokia 6600. my 6600is formating so the 6600 do not accept passward of mmc i foreget my passward plz solve the problem

  22. Narayan says:


    Friends i hav nokia 6670 and i forget my MMC password….i also format my cell dur to which there is no file name “mmcstorer”….i hav a DKU-5 cable…will it help in any way….waiting 4 reply…

  23. waseemkhan says:

    i have nokia 7610 and i have forget my password and i have try but no response may the password i entered is wrong bcoz i have fprget my password
    help me
    waiting for ur reply

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  25. hlaa says:

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  26. hussein says:

    hi im using win vesta but my lab top has low speed to open and close what will be the possible soln to make the speed normal

  27. tanmoy says:

    i have nokia 7610. i set password with my mobile memory card, but when i forgot at that time i backup memory card and format my cell by this(*#7370# & * calling 3(boot))number. so now Fexplorer & mmc password finder cannot find the password. when i try for that, it is showing the message “failed”.
    so plz help me..
    thanking you.

  28. Mukesh says:

    Hi i am using nokia 7610 i forgot the passwords of mmc then i format m

  29. khalil says:

    hi. i am using nokia n72. it’s mmc is been corrupted and is locked aswell.i know the password and the formatting option is also coming.. if i format,in this case i will lost all my important files. is there a way to save those files from being deleted ??or is there any other alternative method??

  30. rahman says:

    hi,this is rahman,i m using nokia n72,i kept a password for my memory card,after tht one day my phone gt struck and i gave it in nokia showroom,they formatted the phone(they gave me the memory card,sim & battery).and after formatting my phone,whn i put the memory card its askng password,whn i gvng the correct password,its nt acceptng.As all the saved passwords had lost while formatting the phone,So can any body help me out on this.

  31. zaheer says:

    dear i have the same problem if u find the slution please tell me also i will be thank full to you for it .. zaheer

  32. zaheer says:

    I have the software for recover the data from flash drive and from the mmc. it can not open the passwords but you buddy can recover the data… contact me

  33. Nitin says:

    Hi ! I have unlocked my memory card and also had my phone format. I read a forum to unlock tgd card which said to download explorer !!! Which i did I got a website to download fexplorer full version which never expires, but now i an searching the system c:- folder but i cannot find mmcstore file. Please can someone help!

  34. rahman says:

    hi,i kept a password for my memory card,after 2 or 3 months my phone got struck and then i gave the phone(n72) in nokia showroom,then gave me back the battery,sim & memory card.after that they formatted the phone & then i lost my memory card password.even i give the correct password its saying its uncorrect,so please can somebosy help me out plzzzzzzzzzz in this matter.If can anybody help me out in this matter just give me message i wil cal u back.


  35. ravi says:

    Hi this is ravi am using 7610 Nokia i lost my MMC password after formatting my phone using*#7370#.

  36. ajmal says:

    i found a mmcstore file(36b)
    bt i have no option of text or hex viewer

  37. rohit says:

    this really works thank u vry much

  38. ivan says:

    well, i have also the same problem. My the best option is to download mmcstore to ur pc then install it your locked mmc to ure phone. And it wìll show your forgot password.

  39. bandsxbands says:

    My friend and I were recently talking about how modern society has evolved to become so integrated with technology. Reading this post makes me think back to that discussion we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside… I just hope that as the price of memory drops, the possibility of downloading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s one of the things I really wish I could see in my lifetime.

    (Posted on Nintendo DS running R4i DS ccPost)

  40. sonu says:

    man i lost my password of my mmc…and i need to unlock it…my problemm is i changed my phone and i cant even find dat file [mmcstore] on my phone… if u got any idea mail me….

  41. james bryan says:

    same problem with #41. whenever i try to find mmcstore in my phone.. it’s empty. help pls..

  42. ANKUSH GANDHI says:

    my mobile is nokie n72 i forgot my mmc password plz tel me the solution of this i installed FExplorer but i can’t get my passward plz

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  44. Steven says:


    I dont find the mmcstore in my Nokia 7610

    any solution?

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  62. vasu says:

    my bro has kept password for my memory card nd nw he has forgotten can i regain that password using nokia 2700 classic

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