Save all those settings in Thunderbird

thunderbird-logoHow many times have you used Mozilla Thunderbird and saved tons of those important emails, only to find out that some part of your system crashed and you've lost all those emails? Well, here's a simple solution – Backup your Thunderbird email and other config. files in the following way –

1.) The files are stored in the .thunderbird directory which resides in your home directory.

2.) Im assuming the home directory is /home/admin. Please replace it with your own in the following commands –

     [admin@spooky ~]$ tar cvfz mythund_bkp.tar.gz /home/admin/.thunderbird/

3.) The above command will create an archive named mythund_bkp.tar.gz  You can use this archive to restore all your files in case of any problems using the following command and your emails will be restored –
    [admin@spooky ~]$ tar xvf mythund_bkp.tar.gz

4.) Start Thunderbird and your emails will be in place. The advantage of the above method is that it not only restores emails but also all your settings. So you do not have to reconfigure your POP mailboxes etc. Even your extensions are preserved.


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4 Responses to Save all those settings in Thunderbird

  1. George says:

    What do we exactly have to do to save all those settings?
    Start-Run and then type tar cvfz mythund_bkp.tar.gz /home/admin/.thunderbird/ ??

    I’ve tried your way but without result. Can you explain more detailed please?


  2. synapse says:

    George, the procedure mentioned above is for a Linux based system. The fact that you have used the words *start* and *run* tells me you are talking about Windows. Anyways, to backup your Thunderbird settings in Windows, just locate your home directory and zip it up. Goto for more details. Check out the Mozilla Thunderbird FAQ. Hope that helped

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