Google releases Picasa for Linux

tux-logogoogle-logoGoogle has finally released Picasa – their flagship photo management software, for Linux. The official link is – 

However for some reason Google has released it for US citizens only. So if you aren't a US citizen you will likely get a page not found error. Fret not, where there's a will there's a way. Non-US residents can click the following modded link (read proxy) 😉 – 

Direct download links for Non-US citizens are –

RPM (Red Hat/Fedora/Suse/Mandriva x86):
DEB (Debian/Ubuntu x86):
BIN (Any x86 Linux distribution):


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Programming, motorcycles and photography. Want to do more, but only have time for so much!

4 Responses to Google releases Picasa for Linux

  1. automatthias says:

    There’s also an Ebuild for Gentoo that will download and install Picasa:

  2. Synapse says:

    hey thanks for sharing that info

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