XBOX controller power push button mod

XBOX LogoThe XBOX doesn’t have a way to power on/off itself without actually having to leave your seat, walking to the console and then pressing the power button. While this is ok for a while, it does get annoying after a while. This mod will show how to add a small push button to the controller that can be later used to remotely turn on/off the console. On a side note, I will try and be more regular with updating the blog. I have not been update the blog in recent times due to time constraints. Also hence forth I will be producing tutorials/articles as PDF files as this seems to be the preferred way for storing articles for later retrieval. Click the following link to download the file.

Download the tutorial in PDF format (~213 Kb)


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Programming, motorcycles and photography. Want to do more, but only have time for so much!

11 Responses to XBOX controller power push button mod

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  2. gold mastercards citi mastercard says:

    Spent some great time in your site, really enjoyed it

  3. MasterCJ says:

    You’ve got spam, lol.

  4. login says:

    My English not so good but thank for lovely site with information I looking for and need also.

  5. synapse says:

    Thanks for your appreciation. I know about the spam I have been busy lately haven’t got time to moderate.

  6. big bub says:

    you CAN turn it off with your controller you dumb ass.

  7. synapse says:

    This tutorial is for the original XBOX not the XBOX360. You should actually make an attempt to read before posting smart ass comments.

  8. Andrew says:

    Humm…inside my S type controller the yellow and black wire are not in the places you describe, I got it working though but not off the solder positions in your photo, maybe there are different boards on the S type controller ?

    • synapse says:

      You’re probably right. There were a few revisions of the controllers and I’m guessing the S type controllers came with different boards looking at how many people seem to have different solder positions. Feel free to share your photo to help others. Thanks.

      • Daniel says:

        I couldnt manage to get the internal board stable with the xbox button that i done, i done it all correct and even changed power boards to be sure and it was being very temperamental, the xbox just kept turning on and off on it own

  9. Daniel says:

    was your soldering postions the 4th and 5th also on the controller? (4th being yellow 5th being black?) (a row of 6 starting from the top down) let me know if you can Andrew, cheers

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