Open ports for your Airtel connection (Port-mapping)

Airtel-LogoThis write up will explain to you how to speed up your Airtel Broadband connection / solve other problems regarding connection failures due to closed ports.

Although I use Airtel and a Beetel 220 BX modem as my basis for this write up, the same rules can be applied to others as well. So lets get started. First thing make sure your DSL modem is on. Fire up your browser. Type as the address with the following Username/Password –

Username : admin

Password : password

Note : These are case sensitive. Make sure all are typed in lowercase.

Click on Advanced Setup -> NAT in the page that loads. If you do not see these options try entering as the address. Some routers/modems deliberately try to prevent users from accessing these options. On the NAT virtual servers page click the add button. Now add the port number that you wish to open up. You can even open up a range of ports using the add button. You should see something similar to the screenshot below. Click it to view full image

Beeter 220 BX Screen Shot
This technique can be used for any operating system / modem / service provider. It may vary slightly but the essential principle remains the same.


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19 Responses to Open ports for your Airtel connection (Port-mapping)

  1. Blinkjet says:

    I am using Airtel broadband post paid connection in Delhi NCR. I am paying a fixed amount monthly (699 + 12% tax). Will my monthly bill increases after changing the NAT setting? will it affect the plan i am using presently?

    kindly mail me or reply it here.

    thank you.

  2. Softy says:

    I have beetel-220BXI and I have made all the settings as u said but I don’t know why it is not working for me now I have same speed that I had before. Please tell me how to configure it to increase download speed for any site.

  3. Rajaram R S says:

    Please Suggest me. I have the Beetal 220bsl modem with airtel broadband connection & I have access the internet. But I didn’t connect the PCAnywhere or Remote Desktop.

    Please give the suggestion this.

  4. rahul says:

    want to increase the speed for bittorrent. what to do? please help. the current speed is just shit.

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  7. Vinay says:

    i am using UT starcom UT-304R2 modem on airtel broadband.. but there is no NAT setting when i type the adress u said. how do i open a port???? pls reply!!

  8. subhasis says:

    hey guys,
    You wanna go for port forwarding ??? ask the airtel guys. they’ll send their technical team. i did it like that. it’s not illegal.

  9. subhasis says:

    NAT will come guys .

    first put in ur browser … let ur browser load the router page. when it’s done. type “” and reload the page. you’ll get the NAT option 🙂

  10. amir says:

    is their any way to hack airtel data card for free browsing….. i decide to buy a airtel data card so if you please tell me the way to use the data card for free browsing i will feel very greatful to you….thanks in advance… please mail me at

  11. amir says:

    please tell me the trick to use net freely with airtel data card mail me at

  12. AB says:

    Thanx.. was a big help….

  13. aviral mishra says:

    hay dude i want highest speed so reply it will working yes or not

  14. Neel says:

    Have you tried this solution as it is fairly simple yo port forward Airtel UT 304R2 Modem cum Router.

    Hope this Helps !

  15. Hey Synapse,
    I wanted to open the Port 80 for public i.e. host a website. But, adding port 80 to NAT virtual server this way didn’t work. The port 80 is still closed for public. Any more help?

  16. It’s really very complex in this active life to listen news on TV,
    therefore I only use world wide web for that purpose, and obtain the latest news.

  17. pepe says:

    I just bough airtel modem and I didn’t see any option to openport. On I need help Thanks

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