Select “No to all” in file copy dialog

I came across this great tip on the Download Squad site. When you try to copy a group of files from one folder to another, Windows will bring up a handy little window if it notices files in the target directory with the same name as files from the source directory. You can manually choose which files to overwrite or leave be one by one. Or you can click “Yes to All” to effectively overwrite every file with a duplicate name in the target directory.

But what if you want to click “No to All?” There’s no button for you, but that doesn’t mean Windows won’t let you skip all the duplicate files. All you have to do is hold down the Shift key and click No. Now Windows will skip all files with duplicate names and copy the rest of your files to the new directory, thus saving you a lot of time, heartache, and repetitive finger motions.


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4 Responses to Select “No to all” in file copy dialog

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  2. ren says:

    great tip! i always wanted to choose “no to all” and now i can, thanks!

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  4. synapse says:

    you are welcome!

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