Improve font appearance in Firefox Linux

Don’t you just hate the way fonts look in Firefox in Linux. A couple of simple solutions exist in order to fix the problem. You could try and reduce your screen resolution. Another thing you can do it press ‘Ctrl + Mouse wheel’ or ‘Ctrl and +’ in the Firefox window. I use this shortcut a lot while browsing. But I have found that the following settings (Edit -> Preferences) make a huge difference to the look of web pages. It’s all about choosing the best looking font. You can do a search in Google for msttcorefonts if you want to install Windows based fonts like Verdana, Tahoma etc. on your Linux system. Here are screenshots of settings that work best for me. Don’t worry you can replace my fonts with any that look good on your system.


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One Response to Improve font appearance in Firefox Linux

  1. Koolkid69 says:

    Thanks. This helped alot. The normal San serif font and its brother Sans mono were causing too much ugliness to be seen by my eye.

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