Visual C++ intermediate files / folders cleaner

If you like me find it extremely frustrating   to manually clean intermediate files generated by Visual Studio while compiling projects, this is a great solution.

Visual C++ Cleaner is a small script written by me entirely in VBScript that automates the cleaning of intermediate files that are normally created when we compile Visual C++ projects.

Its features are –

  • Clean the entire folder (with subdirectories) by entering only the path
  • Clean by extension
  • Clean by folder name (Debug, Release etc.)
  • Built in logging support
    Current extensions which are cleaned –


Current folders which are cleaned –

    debug, release

    This script is extremely flexible and can be used even for system maintenance by making a small change to the script. You can include any extensions which you want cleaned from your system and the script will take care of the rest. This script is also a great way to learn the basics of the VBScript language.

    I’ve even created a small user manual if you are finding it difficult to use the script

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