Google search is now instant search

nav_logo16 Google have just launched Google instant. So what is Google instant?

This morning when I launched Google (who doesn’t?), I noticed that links loaded as I typed my search query. This seemed really cool and just as I was about to say “What the…”, a small banner popped up below that said Google had launched Google instant and that it would be launched in the remaining parts of the world soon ( I am in Japan as of now )

Google say that it is going to revolutionize the way we search for information. I don’t know about revolutionize, but it is nifty as hell.

Google instant is basically predictive search. Google algorithms predict what you are about to type by matching commonly typed keywords and the search links start loading as you type. Not only is this faster and unique, it also gives you a peek into what sort of links are going to be returned by Google when you search for a particular phrase. This means you can avoid making mistakes since you see the links as you type. As I type “Apple iPod”, I see that I get links to generalized iPod articles but if I add “2010” , I immediately start seeing links to the new lineup of Apple’s iPods.

I am not sure right now how much time it will save you, but I can already see myself getting better at typing the right kind of search phrases. How useful this new feature is for the rest of the world, only time will tell.

Here’s a short video on Google instant –


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2 Responses to Google search is now instant search

  1. I turned Google instant off. They annoys & creeps me out. i feel like Google is reading my head. yay!

    Also, my connection is slow – another reason for me to not use them.

  2. synapse says:

    Yes you need a decent connection for it to work as intended. But its a great feature and the other search engines may soon follow suit. Bing is up for a major overhaul. Looking forward to that as well.

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