Visual C++ intermediate files / folders cleaner

If you like me find it extremely frustrating   to manually clean intermediate files generated by Visual Studio while compiling projects, this is a great solution.

Visual C++ Cleaner is a small script written by me entirely in VBScript that automates the cleaning of intermediate files that are normally created when we compile Visual C++ projects.

Its features are –

  • Clean the entire folder (with subdirectories) by entering only the path
  • Clean by extension
  • Clean by folder name (Debug, Release etc.)
  • Built in logging support
    Current extensions which are cleaned –


Current folders which are cleaned –

    debug, release

    This script is extremely flexible and can be used even for system maintenance by making a small change to the script. You can include any extensions which you want cleaned from your system and the script will take care of the rest. This script is also a great way to learn the basics of the VBScript language.

    I’ve even created a small user manual if you are finding it difficult to use the script

Nifty Wikipedia Bash Script


Lets face it. At some point or the other most of us have used Wikipedia. But its a lengthy process firing the browser, typing the adress of the site, choosing the english Wikipedia and finally entering your query. All this and the countless images that get loaded which further slow down the process.

Well if you are more comfy with the terminal like me, all you do is use this script. I wrote this really simple script to save some time getting information from Wikipedia. Here are the install instructions –

>> Download wikip_v1.tar.gz

>> Extract all files to a temporary location (tar xvfz wikip_v1.tar.gz)

>> Go through the readme.txt file

>> Copy wikip to /usr/bin

>> Type wikip text_to_search

That’s all. Now isnt that a lot faster than using the traditional method 😉

A dip in the cup of Bash scripting

Scripting is one of the most powerful tools of any Linux box. Tasks which require repetitive actions and seem to take forever to complete can be automated in a jiffy. The possibilities are endless. Since built in Linux commands can be used in shell scripts this opens up countless ways to write scripts. The three scripts that follow are basic examples to get you started. In the future I will be writing a tutorial on bash scripting. For now, im throwing a bit of source code in your face.

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Java Swing example : celsius to farenheit converter

I’ve just started writing GUI programs in Java using AWT and Swing. This is a simple celsius to farenheit converter. Although the example is fairly simple it is a good introduction to GUI programming in Java.

Click here to download the source code for the application

Note – You need Linux or a program like WinRAR to extract the contents of the tarball