Carry the web with you – offline

Webaroo is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. Webaroo’s advanced technology makes it simple for you to take the web with you — and find what you are looking for anywhere, anytime. It’s easy — Webaroo stores searchable web content on your laptop, PDA or smart phone. It’s fast — searches run and pages load instantly at memory speed. It’s fresh — your Webaroo content is updated every time you sync

Update: This site is no longer active and has been shut down 😦


Google launches new services

google-logoFor those of you who didn't know Google has recently launched 2 new services – Google Pages for creating your own ad free web sites and Google Calendar – for organizing all those important events in your life and more. Go ahead, and check them out –

Also check out the following links –

Click here to view a sample Google Pages site
Click here to view a screenshot of Google Calendar 

Recover a lost MMC password for your Symbian phone

symbianSo you locked your MMC with a password and now you'e forgotten the password. Well, here's what you can do –

1. Download FExplorer from

2. Goto c:\system with FExplorer. Find this file mmcstore

3. Choose Options>File>Text/Hex viewer

You will find your password in the end part of the sets of zeroes. If ur password for example is "synapse" then it will show in a format something like "000000synapse" 

An alternate method is to download a program called MMCPwd. Google for it. 

Flash SMS and Guardian

I happened to come across this site on google when I was searching for some new Symbian applications. Both these applications are written by the same developer – Marco Bellino and I must say they are *amazing*

What is more amazing is the fact that the developer offers these apps completely free of charge. If you want you can make a donation and enable some more features or simply use their free versions available for download from the developers site.

FlashSMS is the first Symbian Series 60 software able to send flash-sms without needing of any additional service. Nothing to
configure, just write your sms and select the recipient.

Guardian is the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with
authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails,
Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone
number. In addition, the system features remote control functions,
i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio
data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone (see Plugins section).

Click here to go to the site and download these great tools.

Huge list of freeware/open source software



For those of you who hate paying for their software, here is a huge list of freeware / open source software. P.S – I have not compiled this list. I just got it through an email received from a friend. The list includes Windows as well as Linux software.

3D Graphics:
3Delight Free –
Anim8or –
Aqsis –
Blender –
Houdini (Free Edition) –
Now3D –
OpenFX –
POV-Ray –
Terragen –
Toxic –
Wings 3D –

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How To Improve Your Study Habits and Remember Better

I came across this article on DIGG
A real good piece of advice for last minute exam crammers like me 🙂 . If you’re a student attending classes, you have probably experienced many moments when it was hard to make yourself settle down and study, even when an important exam was coming up.
If you’re like most students, you put off studying until the very last minute. The night before the exam, you’ll stay up all night cramming, getting little or no sleep. In the morning, you’ll drag yourself out of bed, psych yourself up with lots of coffee and some cigarettes, and go into the exam feeling exhausted, drained and jittery all at the same time. You’ll find it hard to focus or think, and you’ll be cursing yourself for not starting to study sooner.
Click here to read the full article

Humour : Google blunder


This is funny. Just try it out –

1.) Goto Click on language tools

2.) Write “Aishwarya’s mom is very nice” in the “Translate text:” textbox

3.) Select “English to Spanish” from the combobox

4.) Press “Translate” and wait for the translation

5.) Now copy the translated text from the above text and paste it in the ‘Translate text:’ textbox

6.) Select “Spanish to English” in the below combo.

7.) Press Translate and wait for translation. Have a good laugh! 🙂